Empathy Walks

– walking together to understand better

You might still be wondering “what is Empathy Walks?”

Well…Empathy Walks (EW) is an open source project envisioned to trigger greater understanding between people living differently in the same city. 


EW promotes walking tours guided by immigrants who will be sharing  with walk ‘followers’ their daily paths and places of affection. Walks participants will be able to see places and layers of the city through other lenses, namely the guides’ eyes.

Who will be leading the walks?

People who moved to cities in their adulthood and are crucial in keeping it all going but often go by unseen. They are the city maintainers.

How does it work?

Empathy Walk members act as a platform to finding people who are interested in leading walks and sharing their experience  and means to belonging tot he city. EW co-creates the walks and later documents the experiences. We aim to give the chance to all city makers to express themselves as city makers. 


EW believes that walking other people’s paths can trigger understanding of each other’s experiences and existence. Thus, we believe that Empathy generates respect between citizens, and supports a positive coexistence in diverse and dense urban environments. As Urban Designers, we will work towards making of EW an inclusion mechanism. 

So, let’s walk together?

  • Want to join a walk? Check our schedule
  • Want to lead a walk? Talk to us
  • Want to walk someone’s path on your own? Stay tuned to find our maps, to be uploaded soon!
We are supported by the Academy of Urbanism as a Small Grant Scheme